Lost Phone in a Cab? 5 Immediate Actions for Minimizing Phone Loss Damage

Lost Phone in a Cab? 5 Immediate Actions for Minimizing Phone Loss Damage

Making payments, reviewing bank accounts, recording short moments of life, saving essential information, or anything else that you could require in your day-to-day existence can now be done from our phones.  While this has advantages, it is tremendously distressing when that valuable phone is misplaced. With the majority of us taking cabs to work every day, it is probably one of the most typical areas where individuals lose their phones.

Remotely Erase Your Data

While there is no doubt that the loss of the value of your phone would hurt your pocket, the data contained within it is considerably more important and may be exploited if it gets into the wrong hands. The good news is that this data can be remotely erased from the device.

For iPhone users, go to iCloud.com and use the “Find Device” tool to erase data from the specified device. When an Android phone is linked to a Google account, the Find My Device function is activated automatically and may be used to erase data. To access the functionality, navigate to android.com/find.

Track Your Phone

Tracking your phone is easy with tools like Find My Device for Android phones and Find My iPhone for Apple iPhones. However, you will only be able to view the device’s position if it is connected to the internet. If the gadget is offline, the last place it was before being switched off is presented.

Keep Your Banking Information Secure

Even though all Internet banking programs feature security pins and the like, you shouldn’t rely on them. Someone who possesses your phone can still access your account by using your personal information. As a result, you should update all of your net banking passwords. If your net banking credentials are automatically saved while shopping, for example, they will be invalid in this scenario. Also, if you have important information on your phone, such as ATM PINs or net banking passcodes, call your bank and notify them.

Change Social Media Passwords

You never know who has access to your phone or how they could try to harm you. In today’s world, social media may be used to steal someone’s identity, commit fraud, and so on. To keep secure from this threat, update all of your social media passwords and log out of all devices.

Block Your SIM Card

Various transactions necessitate the use of an OTP. To prevent OTPs from falling into the wrong hands, contact your network operator as soon as possible and have your SIM card disabled.

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