Travelling Solo? Read About The Special Rules For Women By Indian Railways

Travelling Solo? Read About The Special Rules For Women By Indian Railways

The laws that many people are unaware of that protect solo female passengers on trains. This rule, which was passed in 1989 and is described in section 139 of the Indian Railways Act 1989, safeguards passengers who are single women, particularly those who are travelling with children.

For instance: This provision states that a woman travelling alone, without a male companion, and with her kid is not allowed to get off the train at night if she is discovered to be without her rail pass or ticket.

Indian Railways made it very clear that TTE is not allowed to put an unattended teenage girl or lady off the train if she is travelling alone and does not have a ticket. The woman can pay the fee and carry on with her travels if she has the money. The TTE is not allowed to take the woman out of the compartment, not even if she is underprivileged.

Unfortunately, not many of us are aware of them. It’s time to make that shift. One of the most significant passenger regulations that any woman travelling alone should be aware of is included here. A few other guidelines that the authorities have implemented for female travellers have also been supplied by us.

Rules Indian Railways Has In Place For Women’s Safety

  • Section 311 of the Indian Railways Act 1989 prohibits military personnel from entering ladies’ compartments.
  • Only when a female police officer is present with the authorities, a woman can be be ordered to leave.
  • According to Section 162, boys under the age of twelve can travel in the women’s compartments.
  • Any man who enters a woman’s coach may be prosecuted.
  • In the sleeping class of long-distance Mail/Express trains, six berths are set aside for women. Additionally, six seats in the completely air-conditioned Garib Rath, Rajdhani, Duronto, and third-tier AC (3AC) coaches are set aside for female travellers. This is carried out regardless of their age or whether they are travelling in a group or alone.
  • Indian Railways has installed CCTVs and monitoring rooms at stations to improve women’s safety.
  • On October 17, 2020, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) also introduced the nationwide ‘Meri Saheli’ campaign, which aims to give female passengers travelling by rail more protection and security during their whole journey, from boarding to de-boarding.
  • The initiative’s main goal is to give female passengers especially those who are travelling alone security purposes.

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