Vande Bharat Metro: 3 Trains from Bhopal Starting July – Routes, Speed, and More

Three Vande Bharat Metro trains are about to be introduced, which would significantly improve the transportation infrastructure of Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh.

The Railway Ministry started these trains to enhance connectivity for travellers up to 200 kilometres from Bhopal. Local sources state that the Vande Bharat Metro trains would run from Bhopal to Betul, Sagar, and Shajapur during the first phase.

Metro Route Bhopal Vande Bharat

Bhopal to Betul via Hoshangabad-Itarsi for the first train, Bhopal to Sagar via Bina for the second train, and Sehore to Shajapur for the third train.

According to reports, the Vande Bharat Metro trains’ full itinerary is anticipated to be unveiled by the end of June, with a possible start date in July. The average operating speed of these trains is expected to be 120 km/h, which would drastically cut down on passenger journey time.

With a cost structure that strives to be accessible and cheap, travellers may expect fares that are either somewhat higher or equivalent to sleeping class tickets. The Vande Bharat Metro trains will have sleeper carriages, which would provide a cosy and affordable travel alternative in contrast to conventional AC trains. Eight to ten carriages should make up each train, providing plenty of space for passengers to sit.

At the moment, Madhya Pradesh runs four Vande Bharat trains that connect the state’s important locations. Three more Vande Bharat Metro trains have been added, indicating a determined attempt to increase rail connections and boost the effectiveness of regional transit.

In July, Indian Railways will begin a new adventure with the trial run of short-distance Vande Metro trains. In addition, Vande Bharat’s sleeper variant, which covers distances longer than 1,000 km, would launch the following month. About 124 communities will be connected by the Vande Metro trains, which are intended to go 100–250 kilometres.

Agra-Mathura, Delhi-Rewari, Bhubaneswar-Balasore, Tirupati-Chennai, and Lucknow-Kanpur will be th;e key routes.

These AC trains will run on current railroad tracks to improve connectivity, with an emphasis on making transit between large metropolitan areas and smaller communities easier.

Specifically, the Vande Metro and Vande Bharat Sleeper trains are designed to carry more people in the unreserved section while effectively meeting the demands of a wide range of customers.

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